eP2AS is one of RPA systems that streamlines eCTD publishing activities in the pharmaceutical industries.

What eP2AS Does for You

  • Reduce overall eCTD publishing operation time (30% or more)
  • Reduce manual operation workload on eCTD publishing 
  • Increase eQC(electronic Quality Control) quality

Signatures of eP2AS

  • Extended Document Validation for Regulatory Documents – Docx and PDF
  • Can run on any popular cloud services such as AWS, GCP, etc.
    • Unlimited scalable (theoretically)
  • Friendly with other systems
    • DocShifter: Document Transformation Platform

Validation Criteria

PDF PropertiesPDF NavigationsPDF ContentsDOCX Comparison
PDF VersionBookmarks – Link DestinationBlank PagesBookmark Missing Check
PDF File SizeBookmarks – Zoom SettingPDF AnnotationsPage Orientation Check
PDF Page SizeBookmarks & TOC CheckPDF AttachmentsCharacter Orientation Check
Fast Web ViewBookmarks StructurePDF Images
Font EmbeddingFirst BookmarkPDF Margins
Initial View SettingGrouping BookmarksOut-of-Page Objects
PDF SecurityDuplicated Bookmarks
Bookmark Open Level
Internal Links – Link Destination
Internal Links – Zoom Setting
Internal Links – Properties
Internal Links Suggester
Internet Links (url, mailto)

Sample Screenshots

1. eP2AS Console – Dashboard –

eP2AS Console is for the system configurations, and job managements.

2. Managing various validation templates

You can create as many validation rules as you wish, depending on your company groups, divisions, regions, and etc.

3. Validation Report

eP2AS Validation Reports let you know which criteria have been PASSED, WARNED, or FAILED with detailed messages.

Powering up with DocShifter Integration

DocShifter is an automated content and document conversion software, and empowers eP2AS with the abilities of;

  • Enterprise Class Document Conversion
  • Support various DMS, EIM and RIM platforms. (e.g. OpenText, Documentum, Veeva Vault, Microsoft SharePoint, Box ECM, IBM Filenet, Alfresco, M-Files, Oracle, IBM Filenet and many more.)
  • One-stop eQC Automation from Source-to-Validated Documents.

Sample Screenshots

  1. Sample DocShifter Workflow with eP2AS

The sample workflow automatically does ALL; “Obtaining a source file”, “Rendering to PDF”, “Validating PDF with DOCX”, and “Output PDF and Validation Report”.

2. Sample SharePoint Integration

When source documents are checked in a source document folder, the rendered PDF and its validation reports are automatically checked back in to a specified output folder on your SharePoint.

Contact for more details

Please contact at our partner in Japan, eSA Inc.
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